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  • The "Results" Section-  Contains results from the tournaments that FC Kochi has participated in. Also, surf this page and get all the info. on the coming tournaments in which FC Kochi will participate. 
  • The "History" Section- Get to know the history of the team. (Coming soon)
  • The "The Team" Section- Check out the Team Roster for the coming season and the previous season(s).
  • The "Honours" Section- Get info about the titles FC Kochi have won.
  • The "Archives" Section - Contains all the articles from newspapers/magazines/internet on FC Kochi right from the beginning.
  • The "Pictures" Section- Download some of the snap shots of FC Kochi in action.
  • The "Info" Section - Has info on the web site. 
  • The "Links" Section- Check out other websites related to Indian Club/National Football.
  • The "Be Heard" Section - Get in contact with the web master or sign our guestbook. 
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