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Vijayan undecided

March 1, 1998 

The Indian Express 

NEW DELHI: FC Kochin striker IM Vijayan is yet to decide on the offer from Malaysian Club NS Champaka. The striker wants a better deal with them. First, the money offered is not big enough and secondly, the offer is for just four months  from April to July this season. Vijayan is also reluctant to leave India where the season will be at its peak. Tournaments like Santosh Trophy are scheduled at the same time and Indian team's preparation for the Asian Games and Commonwealth Games are likely to start soon after the National Footabll League ends. ``India is expecting a lot from me and I don't want to let them down,'' Vijayan said. He has also decided not to join any newly-formed clubs. ``The pressure is too much on the players in a newly-formed club,'' Vijayan said. He added that FC Kochin were just lucky to win the Durand and finish semi-finalists in the DCM otherwise it would have been really tough for them. Meanwhile, AIFF is busy arranging India's preparatory tours to Colombo and Brazil. If they materialise, Vijayan will be missing them too. The Malaysian club's team manager, K Dharamarajasingam, is already in Delhi to negotiate with the star Indian striker. He was also looking around for a video of the Durand Cup final match beween FC Kochin and Mohun Bagan where Vijayan stole the limelight. Champaka which has just been promoted to the premier league, is looking for a striker to fill the third spot for foreign recruits. They already have Nigerian Stephan Abarowei and a Ghanaian. In case Vijayan turns down the offer, the next choice is Sri Lankan Roshan Pereira of Mohun Bagan.

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